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Membership Information
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Application for Membership

Download PDF: Application (fillable form)
Download PDF: Application (for printing)

Download PDF: List of Benefits, Dues, and Application (fillable form)
Download PDF: List of Benefits, Dues, and Application (for printing)

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Benefits & Services

Provider Wellness Program—Confidential Counseling
The Lane County Medical Society’s Provider Wellness Program addresses the barriers that typically prevent providers from getting the assistance they desire. The program provides counseling services that are tailored to providers’ needs: it is quickly accessible at the convenience of the provider, confidential, free, private and minimally constrained by record-keeping. Providers can call 541-686-0995 to make an appointment. (541-345-2800 after normal business hours.)

Medical Malpractice Support 
Medical malpractice support is available to physicians before, during and after malpractice litigation.

Society Membership Meetings & Social Events 
LCMS hosts events throughout the year that provide opportunities for members to experience professional collegiality, network, and become educated on important medical and societal issues. Society meetings include dinner and program complimentary to members. Social events include the Annual Golf Tournament, themed entertainment, family-friendly events, and more available only to LCMS members and their guests.

LCMS Membership Photo Directory
The medical community’s “gold standard” reference directory, members receive one complimentary “physician version” including LCMS member spouse names and home telephone numbers ($40 value.)

Publications and News
Each month, you'll receive a complimentary copy of MEDICAL MATTERS, the LCMS magazine, where you can find information about local events and happenings. You'll also get to learn about different colleagues through our feature stories and various organizations and programs in the community.

Medical Personnel
LCMS medical staffing is handled through Favorite Healthcare Staffing and is the solution to all your temporary and permanent staffing needs. The staffing representative pre-screens candidates, conducts personal interviews to determine skills, and verifies credentials, licenses, references and experience. Criminal background checks and drug tests are also available. Contact Favorite Healthcare Staffing at 1-866-877-3589.

Banking Packages
Lane County Medical Society endorses Oregon Pacific Bank. Professional banking packages, preferred loan rates, and preferred rates on credit card processing are available to members.

Community Advocacy
LCMS develops and funds programs and initiatives to address public health issues such as gun safety, disaster preparedness, access to healthcare, vaccinations, obesity, disease outbreaks and many others.

Local, State, National Advocacy/Representation
LCMS leaders advocate for physician/patient interests at the local, state, and national levels.

Appointment Support
LCMS supports physician appointments to state and local boards and commissions.


Membership Classification Definitions
  • Active Membership—$295 Annual Dues

    Physicians who practice or reside in Lane County. The privileges of this membership category include voting, committee membership, ability to hold office, meals at monthly membership meetings, inclusion in special discount plans, a subscription to the society’s monthly newsletter and one complimentary membership directory each year. All new or rejoining members pay a processing fee of $100 at the time of application.

  • Associate Membership—$221.25 Annual Dues

    Physicians who are full-time employees (or research scientists) of any government agency or low-income institution and receive no significant compensation outside of that employment; or active member of another county medical society who wishes to belong to LCMS or a physician practicing in outlying areas of Lane County, such as Florence. Associate membership includes all the privileges of active membership. All new or rejoining members pay a processing fee of $100 at the time of application. 

  • Part-time Membership—$221.25 Annual Dues

    Physicians who practice an average of more than four hours but fewer than twenty hours per week. Part-time membership includes all the privileges of active membership. All new or rejoining members pay a processing fee of $100 at the time of application. 

  • Retired, Resident/Intern and Inactive Membership—$35.00 Annual Mailing Fee

    Retired, resident and inactive members shall not hold office or vote. They may be included in discount plans. They pay for society meeting dinners and programs, and for membership directories. All new or rejoining members pay a processing fee of $100 at the time of application. 

    • Retired: A physician who is fully retired from the practice of medicine or practices less than four hours per week. Retired members receive a complimentary subscription to the society’s newsletter.

    • Resident: A physician who is a medical resident or intern in a training program in Lane County.

    • Inactive: A physician who has previously been a member who is temporarily residing and/or practicing outside of Lane County and plans to return to medical practice in Lane County and assume his/her former membership in this society; or is temporarily disabled such that he/she cannot practice medicine.

No Dues Increase since 1984!