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Provider Wellness Program
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To schedule an appointment or to access the 24-hour support line, call 541-345-2800

LCMS created the Provider Wellness Program (PWP) in 2012 to help physicians find balance between the demands of their work and personal lives. The PWP offers confidential counseling and helps providers to improve their lives in the following ways:

  • Identify personally meaningful strategies to reduce stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • Create a better balance between work, career and personal life
  • Find a meaningful way to get your life/work on track with your core values
  • Learn strategies to be more effective, productive and less self-critical
  • Develop strategies to deal with difficult patients or colleagues

The PWP offers up to eight sessions that are free and confidential. Appointments are available at hours and locations convenient to providers. There is no diagnosis, no insurance billed, and no record available to LCMS. The program is provider-initiated, separate, and independent from third parties. Wellness program sessions do not require reporting to the Oregon Medical Board.

Professionals are available to provide a safe, completely confidential and expertly skilled environment to address the challenges that providers face in their personal and professional lives.


Laurel Anderson, LCSW

Adults, couples, family, children, adolescents, and older adults. Mindfulness, grief, loss, trauma, EMDR, depression, anxiety, anger management, life changes and transitions, building resilience, coping with chronic pain, and work-life balance.

Laurel worked as a medical social worker and as part of the Cascade Hospice team for many years, working with MDs, PAs, RNs, and other medical personnel. During her many years at Cascade Behavioral Health she has provided counseling and coaching to medical personnel.


Jeff Lenker, LCSW

Adults, couples, adolescents (ages 14 and up). Trauma (EMDR), depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, life transitions, relationship issues, substance abuse, grief and loss, work related issues, significant experience with DOT SAP evaluations.

Jeff has provided counseling and worked extensively with health care professionals over the past 25 years including physicians, nurses, and administrative personnel.


Jodi DePaoli, LPC

Adults, adolescents, family, couples. Anxiety, depression, anger management, blended families, communication, conflict resolution, mindfulness.

Throughout Jodi’s practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor she has worked with a variety of medical professionals addressing issues including burnout, life/work balance, stress management, and depression.


Kari Primo-Liddy, Ph.D.

I have been practicing clinical psychology for 20 years. As a graduate student I had exposure to medical rotations and ran studies regarding how to help women cope with breast cancer. After graduating, I had private practices in Wisconsin and Maine. In each of those locations, I helped establish an employee assistance program that provided support for physicians and other medical providers. I now have had a private practice in Eugene.

Throughout my career, I have worked with physicians and health care providers to decrease their stress, set realistic limits, avoid burnout, and attend to their own needs and values. My approach is grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy which involves questioning assumptions, trying different strategies, establishing positive habits, and practicing mindfulness. All of these skills can be integrated to increase focus and insight.

I enjoy my work and would be happy to meet with you.


LCMS also partners with Amy Trezona, RN of Whole Heart Communications.

For LCMS members

Whole Heart Communications offers a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class. Learn mindfulness mediation, cultivate your natural capacity to reduce stress and pain, and improve well-being. The 8-week class combines meditation, dialogue, inquiry, and mindful movement to assist you to work more effectively with stress, pain or illness, as well as the challenges of living in the 21st century.

For LCMS members and their staff

Whole Heart Communications offers a SMART Lunch and Learn program. This one hour overview of Stress Management and Resiliency Training offers three easy to remember practices that assist in slowing down, becoming present, and focusing on what's working well. A SMART program helps to prevent burnout and improve satisfaction and engagement in medicine.

Contact to set up a date or to register for the class.

Shannon O'Leary of Catalyst Business Consulting & Coaching helps physicians assess their needs, aspirations, obstacles, and possibilities, and then guides them to desired outcomes.

Eight sessions with Shannon are included in the Provider Wellness Program. Contact her at 541-255-2669 or